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Friday, January 30, 2009

Ceiling Grid, Bathroom, Painters

Pics from Prof. Ron Roehl:

You will see:
Drop ceiling grid
Bathroom improvements
Outside scaffolding to work on the siding (Much done on the backside peaks this Friday)
Painters doing the undercoating and one finish coat on the doors and frames.
Ceiling worker putting up the wires for the grid. Does it all from the floor with a great little invention.
If all goes well, we are on target for a move out of Reim Hall into the first phase near the end of February or sooner.


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Video: Project Update

Part A:

Part B:

Part C:


Biology Room; Bathrooms; and Mechanical

Pics from Prof. Ron Roehl

Scaffolding is ready in the back to finish the siding when the weather permits.
Students, staff, pastors, and profs carrying in chem room and biology room cabinets and bases for the counter tops.
Cabinets stored waiting to be put in.
Large ceiling boxes are heat pumps. There are eight of them throughout the building
Tile has been installed in the bathrooms and grouting is almost complete.
Rooms are pretty near all painted and ready for the floor coverings and the ceilings.
Emergency showers are being installed in the science rooms.
Quite a large panel in the mechanical room for the building service.
Water heaters need a base before install but are ready to go.


Friday, January 23, 2009

Painting, Sprinkler System, Siding on South Wall

Pics taken by Prof. Ron Roehl. He reports the following:

Last week there was some prep work around the doors etc. getting ready to paint.

Couple of pics of some painting done in the Chem room and the Biology room.

A maze of pipes. The orange ones are the sprinkler system. Black are cast carrying the hot and cold water for recycling to the wells.

The South Wall outside has the completed siding on. Looks great doesn't it? As we said before the East side also has siding on.

Progress is our most important product. We have progress. Anybody remember that slogan?


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Painting, Siding, Locker Base

Prof. Ron Roehl reports:

Before and after walls as you see the first wall painted.

Three guys are working today, which is Saturday, on the siding. All hand nailed.

Notice the pile of trim. Each trim piece needed backing of some plywood.

The last pic is one I tossed in for all to see that the locker base is in place in the hallways.

The schedule I now have is that the little finishing yet to do on the taping will be done on Monday. The painting goes full scale on Monday. The following week the ceiling will be put in and then they go from there.


Friday, January 16, 2009

Siding, Taping, and Paint

Pics from Prof. Ron Roehl:

Getting siding trim ready inside where it is warm.

Second coat of taping going on.

One wall in the chem room has a coat of maybe primer and one coat of paint. You can see the difference in the colors in the pics. The man spraying is putting on the first coat of paint. Some sort of enamel is what it looked like.

Pays to have a blueprint when you are putting together the maze of pipes.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Siding, Mechanical Room, Insulation

Photos courtesy of Prof. Ron Roehl who writes:

The white boards are the trim for the siding. Lot of hand nailing and caulking. The nail guns were not consistent enough to use on the siding so they will hand nail all of it.

Mechanical room took on more shape with the zones from the wells tied into the inside regulators.

Still a lot of welding going on for the heating/cooloing system.

They blew in insulation most of the day and were scheduled to be finished by about 3:00 today. 16 inches all over the inside of the building.

It is bitter cold and will be worse tonight and tomorrow. Bismarck has arrived in Eau Claire but probably with less wind. We could see 30 degrees below tonight.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mechanical Room and Siding

Pics from Prof. Ron Roehl who writes:

Mechanical room hookup looks neat.
J hooks for data cable being put up by Prof. Ross Roehl
All the heating vents inside are wrapped as you can see.
Sanding is going on on the walls.
Short climb to the attic got me a couple pics of the piping in the attic.
That large inch worm type looking thing is a vac hose to get bad air out of the welding area in the mechanical room.
The last pics are of the siding that is finished in the back. Looks neat. Supposedly a cement board with a 15 year warranty on the color.


Friday, January 9, 2009

Trim, Taping, Mechanical Room, Networking

Photos courtesy of Prof. Ron Roehl who reports:

No outside pics today. They are just working on the trim outdoors trying to finish so they can start the siding.

Taping is complete inside and they are beginning to cover the windows so they can sand, do another coat, texture and paint. They are moving.

The hallway up above is a mass of pipes, large and small as you can see.

The mechanical room is shaping up as they have installed the pumps and added the pipes to the building. Next will be the connections to the wells which are just across the room. This is quite a system.

The blue wires are data wires going down the hallways and appearing in the classrooms. This is all local work. The mass of wires in the server room are the ends of the data cables that will be hooked to the server. Big job done by Dean Marzofka, Prof. Ross Roehl, and Nick Marzofka. There are about 40 drops needed to supply all the classrooms. You can see some of the blue cables where they appear in the classrooms.


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Video: Project Update

Part A:

Part B:


Roofing Nears Completion

Roofers look like they will finish today. Small areas on each side and the cap need to be finished.

Not much different on the inside. Joint finishing and screw covering going on. Men on stilts working on the higher areas.

Outside the men are working on the "trim lip" for lack of a better term. Siding should start later today or tomorrow.


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Roofwork, Pumps, and Sheetrock

Pics and report courtesy of retired Prof. Ron Roehl:

Roofers are at it and it looks dangerous.

More ductwork in the classrooms.

The J hooks have been put in by Dean Marzofka, Nick Marzofka, and Prof. Ross Roehl. They will carry the data wiring from the server room down the halls to the classrooms. We should some data cable soon.

The one picture is just to see the inside of the storage closet. They are wood panels so that shelves can be put wherever you please quite easily.

The plumbers are placing the two large circulating pumps for the geothermal system. As you can see they are on the floor on the West side of the mechanical room. This is opposite the inlets from the wells.

Last of the sheetrock lid is being put up.


Monday, January 5, 2009

Sheetrock, Hangers, Pumps

Pics from Prof. Ron Roehl:

Most Northern entrance at this time.

Chem room sheetrock.

Hallway with hangers and some pipe.

Circulation pump, there are two, for the geothermal system.

Welders working on the pipes.


Welcome in the New Year

Pics courtesy of Prof. Ron Roehl.

Progress continued over the past two weeks with electrical, HVAC, and drywalling.